Size 7 1/8 #2430 Pre-made Hot Headz® Welding Hat

What more could a Welder ask for? Pre-shrunk, high-quality Welding Hats are reversible, handcrafted, 6-panel design for an ergonomic fit.

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Comfort, by design. Comfort, versatility & style. What more could a Welder ask for? YOU WILL LOVE YOUR HOT HEADZ® WELDING HAT For all you fashion conscious welders, the hats are also reversible, a print on one side with a coordinating solid on the other. Two looks in one. For example, a hat made with red on one side for work & red lips on the other for a romantic night out with your wife. Hot Headz® Welding Hats has been around for a couple of decades and sold all over the USA and Canada. I started making my dad's welding hats when I was 14. He only had a couple & they were being held together by metal shavings. Apparently, welders are a stylin' bunch & he couldn't find anything that said "welder extraordinaire".